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Patient Suitability:

All patients should be aware of the contraindications for treatment with Lenire. This is a set of conditions by which treatment is not recommended for patients that have one or more of the conditions.


Patients should not use Lenire® if:

-They have a pacemaker, defibrillator or any other active implantable device.
-They are pregnant, unless directed by a doctor.
-They suffer from epilepsy or any other condition that may result in loss of consciousness.
-They suffer from any condition that causes impaired sensitivity of the tongue.
-They have lesions, sores or inflammation of the oral cavity.

Lenire Fitting Range

Please note that some patients with severe hearing loss may not be eligible for Lenire. Lenire cannot be configured if a patients has a hearing threshold (AC) in either ear of >40dBHL in the range of 250Hz – 1kHz or >80dBHL in the range of 2kHz- 8kHz.

Clinical Trials

Tinnitus Alleviation Via Sensory Stimulation:
Safety and Feasibility Study, 60 participants

Visit ClinicalTrials.gov

Treatment Evaluation of Neuromodulation for Tinnitus Stage 1(TENT-A)
Double-blinded randomized trial, 326 participants.

Visit ClinicalTrials.gov

Treatment Evaluation of Neuromodulation for Tinnitus Stage A2 (TENT-A2)
Double-blinded randomized trial, 191 participants.

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